Chicago Pneumatic’s Reliable Rotary Screw

Chicago Pneumatic’s Reliable Rotary Screw


The more I talk with customers about Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors, the more I learn that the Chicago Pneumatic Brand is commonly confused with cheaper, lesser quality brands with similar names. Harbor Freight sells the similar sounding “Chicago Tool” tools and “Central Pneumatic” air compressors. Chicago Pneumatic however is not a Chinese Brand.  Chicago Pneumatic and Quincy Compressor are both owned by Atlas Copco, a Swedish company known for its own brand of air compressor.  The Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screw is made in the European Union. Ok, now that we got that straight, we can talk about the actual machine, because being made in XYZ country doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a quality product.

The Proof:  I have maintained the CPN in the picture since it was new. The machine runs 24 hours a day handling the HVAC demands in a commercial building. This machine has 36,668 hours on it and counting with no issues. For those of you only using the machine for one 8 hour shift per day, it would take 12+ years to reach 36,000 hours (8hrs x 365 = 2,920 hrs per year). This machine is maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications to keep it covered by the Chicago Pneumatic 5-Year Warranty and is installed in a clean environment. There have been no major component failures or oil leaks.  I have only replaced the pressure switch.  This machine is just one of about 25 of these compressors in the 5-15 hp range that I currently service.  I haven’t had a single motor, airend, or oil cooler failure.  Chicago Pneumatic makes a reliable rotary screw air compressor and I am a proud Chicago Pneumatic Distributor.
Matt Portman, Cleveland Compressor Service

Did I mention they’re quiet?
QRS15 hp is 69 dba $6600 delivered within 50 miles of Cleveland*
QRS10 hp is 65 dba $5900 delivered within 50 miles of Cleveland*

No 3 phase power? No problem! quiet QRS5 5 hp base mount $3,999 or tank mount $4199  62dba!!!

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*Pricing good through 12/31/18–Call for current pricing after 12/31